Knee Injury Information

Injuries: I had a knee injury in 2012 and wanted to share some knee injury information with you. Off course injuries are all different in terms of seriousness and your recovery time also largely depends on your physical health at the time. Hopefully together with your Doctor and Physio Therapists advice and recovery schedule you […]

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Obstacle Coarse Racing

Mud Obstacle Course Races

​Mud Obstacle Coarse Racing or OCR’s is a exciting way to get you through a 10 – 21km trail race. The trails take you through mountain terrain, in any weather condition with obstacles mostly made from poles, rope, water and mud. You need to navigate through them, under them, over them, swim in, jump off, crawl through […]

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Supplement Choices


The top 5 supplements for building muscle: I have always believed in my natural ability, natural health and being able to be naturally strong enough to take the punch, recover and do it again. I think back now and if my mindset was more open to see the bigger picture and use all the “tools” […]

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Nutrition & Supplements


SPORT NUTRITION AND SUPPLEMENTS In my first posts to introduce my site I reviewed two cardio workout disciplines. Boxing Cardio Workout and Deadlift both are recognized sports. Both give an incredible balance of cardio exercise, muscle building and definition fitness, both very different!  How does one cope with the fitique that goes with the training cycle, train your mind […]

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The Deadlift

Barbell Exercise Workout

Barbell Exercise Workout A personal trainer once told me a secret. He walked me up to a barbell, asked me to rack it with 4 x 20kg’s, gave me a demonstration and said, …. this is the only exercise you ever need to master and do well if you would like to build muscle and […]

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