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About Morne Olivier

Hello and welcome to everyone out there joining me on my sports journey. First a little bit about me. I am a Branch Manager of a large retail store in Hermanus, Cape Town, South Africa. In contrast to my work surroundings, I am privileged enough to be surrounded by sea and mountain – pristine nature at it’s best.

As a sports enthusiast, I have discovered ways over the last 24 years to combine my sports passion with nature.  I have accomplished various sport disciplines, like OCR’s (Obstacle Course Racing), Boland 90 Hiking challenge, Rock Climbing, White Water Kayaking, Sailing, Horse Riding and recently have added Boxing to my Fitness Training.

Now you ask, Hardcore Sports Equipment?

Well yes! You need to train to take part in these outdoor sports events and then train even harder if you want to race or compete in them. As my working hours fluctuate according to operational needs I found it best for me to set up my own gym at home and I am sure there are many more people out there that has done the same and many more planning to. I also found as an extra bonus that my family started joining into the Home Gym idea. My wife being just as competitive as I am and our boys (9 and 11) only recently have started coming out of their own to join. The boys do some sports at school, Hockey and Athletics and have also joined me at the Boxing Gym. I decided to create this website to help people by sharing information on Gym Equipment, setting up your Home Gym Environment, Training, the Clothes you do it in and Nutrition.

If you need any information or feedback regarding my Sporting and Gym Experience, simply leave a comment below and make sure to visit my sight regularly as I will be sharing specific topics as I develop my site.

Happy Sporting and Hardcore Training for you all and please drop me a mail if you are a like minded sports adrenaline junkey.

Morne Olivier

Founder of Hardcore Sports Equipment

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  1. Hello Morne, I am really amazed about your page it is very professional, has a lot of cool thinks in it, I invite your to read my new page. as you can see there I have also done a lot of different kind of sports, no boxing but Karate and Kungfu, also some mud races also and adventure racing. Its good to be in touch and see how we can improve our new business

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