Are Supplements Good or Bad for you?

Are Supplements Good for You

I have often wondered if Supplements are good or bad for your health? In the “old days” when I was in school 30 years ago, it was a secret among the bodybuilders and they were the rookies testing out all the products the companies were creating. “Drugs” and “Doping” was at the forefront of scandal and countries were thrown into shame at Olympic events after their gold medal athletes were stripped of there titles.

Are Supplements Good For You

In my previous posts SPORTS NUTRITION AND SUPPLEMENTS and TOP 5 SUPPLEMENTS FOR BUILDING MUSCLE, I tried to share a story from both sides of the fence. Now I want to take the topic head on.

Shopping Rush

Shopping Rush

If you take our day to day lives, I would say most of us are rushed off our feet between stress at work, balancing family responsibilities and all the other pressures like finances and so on. We have become a culture that rushes into the local retailer grab the convenience meals and rush out.

Fast Food

Fast Food

The Worst case scenario we rush through the drive-thru and pick up you know what, (I’ll review fast food in another post).
The percentage of people that find the time to accurately follow a fully balanced nutritional diet is small. Yes the healthy living ideal is out there on social media, fitness & health groups and Oprah is gaining a lot of momentum, but in relation to societies overweight statistics and unhealthy living standards, the ideal is still in the minority.

Are Supplements Bad For You

I regularly see gym going, (mostly guys) changing shape, a metamorphism, almost overnight. They become huge, vanes popping out everywhere and muscles blowing up like balloons. They can hardly walk! As much as they want to be the next Hollywood star. As much as there majority counterparts struggle to find the time to balance a healthy meal. The fence is where they should meet.

One can not expect to get a fully nutritional diet from convenience or take away fast foods, in the same token one can not expect to get a fully balanced healthy meal from a supplement.

Nutrition & Supplements

Nutrition & Supplements

Finding the Balance, Source, Reputation and Years of Research

On both counts for Nutritional Foods and Sports Supplements, we need to source the best possible reputable sources. Do we need to ask ourselves some questions?

Who is my preferred retailer with the most reputable supply chain?

Can they endorse the quality of the food we buy from them, was the vegetables really grown organic?

Is cooking my meal really going to take that much more effort?

You can not expect a chicken breast from a battery operated chicken farm to give you the same value as a chicken breast from a free-range chicken farm. We are what we eat and if what we ate was feed poor quality or chemically induced food we would surely not benefit from it. As humans, the value we get from our foods and supplements is equal to what the producer had put in and for how long the producer had been doing so.



You can not expect an inferior ingredient supplement that has not been tested for a long period to compare with a proven result driven superior endorsed supplement.
Supplements should be treated with the disciplined mindset, it is exactly what it says, it’s a supplement to one’s food diet.

My conclusion

yin-and-yang balance

yin-and-yang balance

“Find the balance!” This has and will always be a motto of mine. Read my SPORTS NUTRITION AND SUPPLEMENTS on the main food groups you should be focusing on. Look at your budget, write down a plan for your meals and try stick to it as much as you can. Budget for the Supplements you would like to incorporate into your daily training and combine them with a healthy living lifestyle. This will be key to your success in the training and fitness world and in my opinion in any world, “Find the balance!”


Where scientifically formulated for your convenience, the right convenience. What we miss out on in our daily food nutrition our supplements make up for and more so. Follow the supplements instructions and measurements 100% and choose a well established and reputable supplier.

Supplements are a tool in the sports man’s gear bag, he/she just needs to find the balance and knowledge to use it correctly. SUPPLEMENTS” target=”_blank”>Supplements in my book is a positive Good for You resource that will help you in your goals and dreams for staying fit and healthy.”

Happy Training

Best Regards

Morne Olivier