Boxing Cardio Workouts: 10 minute cardio workouts at home for beginners

Boxing Cardio Training for Woman

Learning Boxing from Home

Initially I started boxing to help with my Cardio Fitness. Boxing Cardio Workouts are of the most intense workouts you will find. The exhilaration of your hart rate, eye hand coordination and muscle building / fat loss combination ranks boxing as a brilliant cardio workout. I am fortunate enough to belong to my local boxing academy with “The Breedt Brothers” and build into my daily training routine the sequences that I was shown in my training lessons. To maximize my cardio workout at home I ad 2 x 4kg Dumbbell weights. This intensifies my workout and my muscles endurance capabilities.

The Ultimate 20 minute in Home Boxing Workout.

Lucky for us everyone has Google and You Tube. If you don’t have a boxing gym close by just go online and you will find boxing cardio workouts from 10 minutes for beginners, 10 Minute Boxing Workouts for Beginners to more advanced 20 minute workouts. 20 Minute Boxing Workout

I hope you find your way to the best cardio workout you will ever experience. Remember ladies, boxing is not only for men and for boxing cardio workouts for woman are growing in popularity.

Happy Boxing



Boxing Cardio Workouts

Boxing Cardio Workouts