World Class Fitness Motivation

Fitness Motivational Words

Fitness Motivational Words Motivational posters are all over social media and most people find them very inspirational to help them or others get through difficult times or inspire to excel, celebrate, love and many other ideals. I personally don’t really like to pin them because I feel one could get stuck in a one dimensional […]

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Knee Injury Information

Injuries: I had a knee injury in 2012 and wanted to share some knee injury information with you. Off course injuries are all different in terms of seriousness and your recovery time also largely depends on your physical health at the time. Hopefully together with your Doctor and Physio Therapists advice and recovery schedule you […]

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Obstacle Coarse Racing

Mud Obstacle Course Races

​Mud Obstacle Coarse Racing or OCR’s is a exciting way to get you through a 10 – 21km trail race. The trails take you through mountain terrain, in any weather condition with obstacles mostly made from poles, rope, water and mud. You need to navigate through them, under them, over them, swim in, jump off, crawl through […]

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