Knee Injury Information


I had a knee injury in 2012 and wanted to share some knee injury information with you. Off course injuries are all different in terms of seriousness and your recovery time also largely depends on your physical health at the time. Hopefully together with your Doctor and Physio Therapists advice and recovery schedule you should be able to do much of what you could do before. I guess out of 1-10, I would have rated mine a 4 maybe a 5.

My Knee Injury

Patella cracked in two

Patella cracked in two

I slipped and fell on a metal beam and cracked my patella in two, (clean brake). Now why I say maybe a 5 is because you need that small bone to walk, (it holds your knee together in the bending and Patella Function) and if the brake was not as clean but rather splintered much of my running training days would have been minimized. In the x ray you will notice a screw from a previous injury where I tore my knee ligaments playing rugby and had reconstructive surgery, but that’s for another blog).

Patella crack from the front

Patella crack from the front

The operation went smooth with two pins pushing the split bones together and a figure of 8 wire securing the overall hold.

Patella Surgery

Patella Surgery

It took me three weeks of physio exercises to get off the crutches and another 3 weeks to recover 90%. In my eighth week I was back to normal running and exercising like nothing happened. The patella grew back together and today you can’t even see it was broken. In fact yesterday I had all the metal removed because the wire had snapped and was starting to irritate me.This will be a much faster recovery as there was no corrective surgery, I should be back to my normal training routine in 3 weeks time.

Hence this blog and the reason you might ask, well I have often enough had the concerned look of family and friends before going to surgery as if to say but what if something goes wrong?

What if it doesn’t work?

What if the anesthetic process is not compatible to your system?

I guess what this blog post is actually about is our mindsets as humans and surely yes I could have struggled more if the injury was more serious but never the less I still had to stay calm when I was injured, stay positive and relaxed before and after the operation, push myself to recover and take up where I left off my fitness training.

“I believe we as humans are much more powerful than we realize and I want everyone to know and believe this!”

In our day to day training we are faced with this mindset challenge, it is not actually training our muscles to do the work, it is training our minds to get up, put a smile on, get exited, stay positive, tell our bodies and muscles to push for that next one or two, push the limits until you really can’t get up anymore, ………and guess what, 10 minutes later your body did all that and wants more because it feeds on the Adrenalin, Testosterone and other Hormones that make us tick.

I am happiest when I train, find that mindset in you!

Best Regards

Morne Olivier